Calming Comfort Reversible Cooling Weighted Blanket By As Seen On TV

$129.99 $89.99

  • REVERSIBLE WEIGHTED BLANKET WITH COOLING TECHNOLOGY! The luxurious, 2-sided weighted blanket that helps you relax so you can fall asleep and stay asleep, naturally. One side plush to the touch, made of super-soft velveteen & one side cooling to the touch, made of viscose derived from bamboo. Soft, comfortable and designed to be used in winter, summer, spring, & fall!
  • SLEEP COOL & COZY YEAR ROUND! Perfect for those who have trouble sleeping & those who fluctuate between hot & cold during the night! Viscose fibers derived from bamboo create a cooling effect by drawing moisture away from the body, while the super soft velveteen keeps you warm & cozy. The weighted blanket offers great all-natural sleep help for adults by offering the gentle sensation of being held to encourage deep, healthy, restful sleep.
  • A DEEP HUG JUST FOR ONE our heavy blanket is designed to make you feel embraced. Each blanket is sized to fit you, not the bed. For best results, we recommend 1 person use the blanket at a time. Precision stich squares are filled with soft weighted BPA-Free high-density microbeads providing the right amount of pressure, to help relax your body. The even distribution of weight makes the blanket effective simulating deep touch pressure stimulation. It mimics the soothing feeling of being hugged!
  • USE EVERYWHERE The Calming Comfort heavy blanket is not just for sleep, it can be used whenever & wherever you need to relax and get comfy. There’s no need to suffer through another sleepless night, when you let Calming Comfort hug & hold you tight. Use it on the couch relaxing or lounge chair while you read your favorite book , watching TV or bring it in the car so you can relax on a road trip.
  • SPECIAL FOR YOU Calming Comfort Reversible, Cooling Technology Weighted Blanket is available in 12 pounds. 12 LB WEIGHTED BLANKET 50″ x 75″


    CALMING COMFORT Reversible, Cooling Technology Weighted Blanket by As Seen On TV! “Take Relaxation to The Next Level”. Our specially designed weighted blanket helps to promote a sense of calmness and relaxation! Featuring two different material on each side; One Side Plush to the touch, made of super-soft velveteen and one side cooling to the touch, made of viscose derived from bamboo! Weighted Blankets work by applying an even amount of pressure over your entire body, comforting you like a hug. When under the blanket, you experience that great feeling of being hugged, cuddled or swaddled which is as soothing for adults as it is for children. Let gravity do the work soothing you going to sleep, relaxing on the couch, reading a book, or any time in between. Due to its weight, the Calming Comfort Blanket is NOT machine washable. Velveteen is a super-soft, yet durable brushed fleece material and Viscose derived from Bamboo is smooth, silky and cool to the touch! You can spot clean your weighted blanket with warm water and mild detergent, lay flat and let dry.



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Calming Comfort Reversible Cooling Weighted Blanket By As Seen On TV
$129.99 $89.99
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